Premium Multi-textured Condoms, Strawberry Flavor Lube & Extend Delay Spray Combo Pack


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With our 100% natural latex condoms are ribbed, dotted, and contoured for sensation, in addition to a premium water-based Strawberry flavor lube and Extend delay spray, get ready to pull out the big guns in the bedroom tonight!

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Multi-textured Condoms - Ribbed, Dotted, & Contoured - Pack of 10
Vibe - Strawberry Flavor - Personal Lubricant and Massage Gel
Extend - Delay Spray for Men

Ribbed, Dotted, & Contoured

With ribs, dots, and a contoured shape, this condoms helps provide a better sensation.

Well Lubricated Condoms

Our condoms are lubricated with medical-grade silicone feels like an extension of a real person, not a slimy slip and slide.

Electronically Tested

All our condoms are electronically tested to ensure maximum safety for you and your partner.

Rs 1180

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8882 Customer ratings

8882 Customer ratings

4.1 / 5

Based on 8882 ratings

How to use for the best result


For the condoms -
- Pinch the top of the condom and place it on the tip of the penis with the roll side outside.
- While pinching the tip of the condom, roll the condom down gently.
- Once the act is done, carefully roll it off the penis carefully and dispose off using the dispose bags.

For the delay spray -
- Spray on the tip 15 minutes before
- Wipe with a clean, dry cloth
- Wash thoroughly with water afterwards

For the lube -
- Press down on the disc top cap
- Apply 3-4 pumps to the area
- Reapply as and when needed

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Multi-textured Condoms - Ribbed, Dotted, & Contoured - Pack of 10

Multi-textured condoms are the easiest way to up your game. Our 100% natural latex condoms are ribbed, dotted, and contoured for sensation and lubricated with non-sticky, medical-grade silicone for a natural feel.

Vibe - Strawberry Flavor - Personal Lubricant and Massage Gel

100ml of long lasting, water-based lubricant formulated to be gentle on your skin, while providing a smooth and natural feel. Plus, it's free of any harmful chemicals!

Extend - Delay Spray for Men

Delay your ejaculation and help your partner reach new heights of pleasure. Bold Care’s effective ‘Extend’ delay spray helps you last longer and deliver an impressive sexual performance.

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